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Terça-feira, 29 de Março de 2011

Guest Post on A Realistic Wedding

Enquanto a Claire aproveita a sua lua de mel, o seu blog está por nossa conta, pelo menos hoje!! Passem por lá, para um olá!

While sweet Claire is away on her honeymoon, we are guest posting on her blog! Please stop by and say hi!!



Credits: Brancoprata


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Terça-feira, 22 de Fevereiro de 2011

Tuesday Shoes Day = Guest Post

Nesta terça feira, o blog está por conta da Naomi do sempre inspirador Encanted Dreams and Weddings!

On this lovely Tuesday, Naomi from the always inspiring Enchanted Dreams and Weddings, is taking over the blog today!


Hi everyone! My sweet friends, Sofia & Andre, are away attending Stepanie's wedding in New Zealand! Sofia asked if I would create a guest post for one of the days that they are away. I was so excited that she asked BUT I had one stipulation, my guest post had to be scheduled for a Tuesday Shoe Day. I had an idea in mind!

For the past few months, Sofia & Andre have been on the hunt for their next love nest. During their process, I learned of Sofia's love for décor is as strong as her love for shoes. Yet another thing we have in common. How was I going to tie shoes and interior décor together? I decided to let the shoe dictate the décor. Easy? No. Fun? Very!  I hope enjoy and are inspired!


Sand & Sea {Alberto Guardiani }


beach, boat, home, shoe, blanket, star, torches


City Eclectic {Balenciaga}


dress , shoe, chair, door, living room, dining room


Town & Country {Nicholas Kirkwood}


stairs, shoe, stairs, frame, typewriter, wing pendant, home


Obrigada Naomi por este fantástico Tuesday Shoe Day! Uma última actualização: há algumas horas atrás, na cidade de Christchurch houve um grande terramoto... foi bastante longe da cidade onde estamos hoje (Rotorua) por isso estamos todos bem!

Thank you Naomi for an amazing Tuesday Shoe Day! One last uptdate: a few hours ago we had a huge earthquake over at Christchurch (on the South Island)... it was very far from where we are today (Rotorua) so I'm very happy to say that we are all ok!

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Segunda-feira, 21 de Fevereiro de 2011

Guest post by Marry You Me

Começar a semana da melhor maneira é algo quase obrigatório aqui no blog! Mas começar com um guest post enviado por uma das nossas amigas mais antigas, a Annie do blog Marry You Me, é ainda mais especial!


To start the week with an inspirational post is almost mandatory in Brancoprata's blog but to kick off with an amazing guest post sent by one of our closest blog friends, Annie from Marry You Me is even more special!


I'm so happy to be guest posting for my dear friend Sofia today, and I wanted to share something that is as lovely + intriguing as all of the amazing images Sofia shares here on a daily basis. This sweet inspiration shoot was put together by Megan of Easy Dreamer Photography, Amanda of Posey & Bloom, and Dana of Spokane Bride Blog, and there is so much here to love! The chair decoupaged with vintage book pages, the different colored glass decorations, the sweet homemade pumpkin cake, the stamped cookies with sweet sayings like "I'm falling for you".

From Megan of Easy Dreamer Photography: "This session was centered around DIY projects and warm, autumn tones and inspiration. Our color board was lavender, cream, saffron, sea foam and olive. We brought these colors to life using mountain ash berries, lavender, basil, and vintage decor. It was truly a dream to create an enchanting session with these amazing ladies, inspiring future brides and showing that a tiny budget doesn’t mean you can’t have your dream wedding. By using what items we already had and working with elements that are in season, we were able to keep it simple and full of DIY touches."



Obrigada Megan, Amanda e Dana por fazerem esta belíssima inspiração e claro, obrigada Annie por este fabuloso "guest post"!

Thank you Megan, Amanda and Dana for making this beautiful inspiration, and of course, thank you Annie for a fabulous guest post!!

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Segunda-feira, 14 de Fevereiro de 2011

Guest Post by Postcards and Pretties

Hoje o blog está por conta da Chris, que para além de ser uma amiga muito especial tem uma blog MUITO inspirador, o Postcards and Pretties!! Enquanto trabalhamos no outro lado do mundo... Chris, o blog é teu:


Today we have Chris, the OH SO INSPIRING blogger from Postcards and Pretties guest posting. Not only she is an amazing human being but also a very special friend. While we are down under… Chris, our blog is yours:


Olá Brancoprata readers!

I'm Chris from Postcards & Pretties, and I’m so honored that Sofia & Andre asked me to guest post for them while they’re away in New Zealand.  Yes! Its true Brancoprata’s Hotspot is one of my favorite blogs that always makes me swoon with their beautiful inspirations and teleports me back to Portugal with their gorgeous weddings.  It’s a shame that this dynamic duo lives across the Atlantic but hopefully one day we will meet over some francesinhas in their lovely city of Oporto.

When Sofia told me that the post was scheduled for February 14th, it was obvious that I had to create a special Valentine’s Day inspiration board filled with ruby red, pale pinks and tons of sparkle and confetti.
Happy Love Day


{colors} ruby red, pale pink, light gray, confetti
{photos} red peony {kiss the groom} champagne glasses {simply bloom photography} shoe clips {ban.do} desserts buffet {rebecca thuss} table scape {lonny magazine} cake {the knot} sugar cubes {cox & cox} wine {martha stewart weddings} bridal party {our labor of love}

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Domingo, 13 de Fevereiro de 2011

Guest post by Lauren Elise Crafted

Depois de uns dias off line devido ao jet lag hoje estamos de volta com alguns guest posts! Dado que o Dia de São Valentim é já amanhã, pedimos à nossa querida amiga, Lauren que nos nos ajudasse com umas ideias para celebrar esta data especial! Ainda não estamos a 100% aqui na Nova Zelândia e esperamos que o acesso à internet seja, a partir de amanhã, a 100%. Para já deixamo-vos com o génio criativo da Lauren ;)


After a few days off line, not only because of the jet leg but also because we don't have a full acess to the internet, today we are happy to announce a gorgeous guest post of one of our friends, Lauren. With her creative genius, Lauren was kind enough to give us amazing ideas for the up coming celebration of Valentine's Day ;)


Hi Brancoprata readers!  I am Lauren from Lauren Elise Crafted and today I am happy to be guest blogging here on one of my favorite wedding blogs!  I was so excited to hear that Sofia and André were headed to New Zealand but equally as thrilled when Sofia asked me to do a guest post.  Despite wanting to pack myself into Sofia and André’s luggage and jet off to NZ myself, I decided to stay home and craft up this Valentine’s inspirational shoot instead.


For this project, I focused on the things that really matter at Valentine’s (other than the candy), our loved ones and the reasons why they are so special to us.  I defined the word love using nine key words and then represented those words and their meaning in small, material objects.  Obviously love is not material but this Valentine’s advent is intended to make the recipient feel extra special by highlighting the main reasons why they are loved!


It has been such a thrill guest posting here today and getting to share these pictures with you.  Thank you so much Sofia and André for having me on your beautiful blog.  Have fun in NZ!



Thank you my dear Lauren!!! What an inspiring and beautiful post!!!

A huge xo all the way from Kiwi land ;)

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Quinta-feira, 20 de Janeiro de 2011

Guest post = The Loveliest Day

Ontem estivemos no "The Loveliest Day" a fazer um "guest post" enquanto a Melissa recupera de uma intervenção cirurgica! Aproveitamos a oportunidade e publicamos as imagens da love session da Sofia e do Paulo! Passem por lá e vejam toda a sessão!

Yesterday we were guest posting over at the gorgeous "The Loveliest Day", while Melissa is recovering from a surgical intervention! We take the opportunity and posted Sofia and Paulo's love session! Stop by and enjoy the full post!


Credits: Brancoprata (André Teixeira)

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Segunda-feira, 30 de Agosto de 2010

Guest post on Valley & Co.

Hoje temos um "guest post" no Valley & Co. Passem por lá para ver um dos nossos casamentos!

Today we are guest posting on Valley & Co. Stop by to see one of our weddings!


Muito obrigada Aleah + Nick por esta oportunidade!!

Thank you Aleah + Nick for this wonderful oportunity!!


Credits: André Teixeira (Brancoprata)

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Segunda-feira, 23 de Agosto de 2010

Guest Post on Just Wenderful

Hoje temos um "guest post" no Just Wenderful! Passem por lá, vejam a nossa sugestão para mesa de felicitações e façam o download (sim, desta vez incluímos um download... e não vai ser a última)!!

Muito obrigada Wendy por esta maravilhosa oportunidade para mostrar o que nos inspira.

Today we are guest posting on Just Wenderful! Stop by and show us the love... oh and while you are there please download the little treat we have for you ( yes, this time we made a free printable)!!

Thank you Wendy for this amazing opportunity to share on your beautiful blog what inspires us.

Credits. Brancoprata (André Teixeira)

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Terça-feira, 27 de Julho de 2010

Guest Post on Postcards & Pretties

Hoje estamos radiantes com o artigo que fizemos para a Chris, do Postcards and Pretties! Passem por lá!!
Today we are so happy to be guest posting on Postcards and Pretties! Stop by and say Hi!!

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